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  1. Flash splash screens for the home page

Home page is the most important page for any website. It needs to tell people about the business it refers to. Quite often, a website has the below mentioned characteristics:

  • There is nothing more than a Flash-splash screen and some fancy animations.
  • In case there’re any words on the home page which have been embedded in Flash animations, it is “Enter site”
  • HTML tag of the home page says flash into page.

Just try to analyse what would the search engine index in this kind of a situation. The chances are that the Home page on your website just ranks for “Flash into page” and “Enter site” as these are just words on a page which a lot of search engines may pick up. In fact, as there’re a number of websites having such words, you might not even get a ranking for them.


The title tags are quite important as Google employs them heavily and it is the most basic part of any web design which is search-engine friendly.

The text content which may be indexed is also crucial. A search engine can’t intuitively know what your site is all about if it does not have words for indexing. Embedding the text inside the flash content and then expecting the search engine to recognise them can be quite risky. Google might be able to properly read the text or might be not. Other search engines might not even be capable of extracting anything.

You need to get rid of the Flash- splash screen for the home page of your website and replace it with the most basic and normal webpage. Your website would not just rank better, but it would even look much more professional. You need to restrict your usage of Flash to the things which really require Flash, such as interactive online videos and games, and not just the pages which you wish to be indexed.

  1. More images than text

For a search engine, with the latest technology, an image is absolutely useless in order to determine what the website is all about. The search engine can’t see an image to figure out the product that you are offering for sale. In case you wish to let the search engine know about the details of your products, then write a lot of words for getting that effect.

  1. A web 2.0 website without the traditional web-content as well as navigation

In relation to the above mentioned points is a website which is completely dependent on the web 2.0 technologies such as AJAX or just a basic JavaScript. In case the content or links on your website have been generated with the help of JavaScript, there are the possibilities that your may face the issues while navigating the site.

The solution to this issue is to have a plain and traditional website as well as navigation links on the page. You shouldn’t drop Web 2.0 stuff for doing this. You just need to think of certain ways of putting the normal text as well as normal links on your website.

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