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Quite obviously, everybody desires to see their website on the first page of a search result. This is the reason why companies spend tons of money on enhancing the ranking of their website. SEO is the tool which is brought into application, and there are many elements associated with it.

Once your website makes it to the first page of a search result, you have to keep working in the right direction to make sure the ranking does not fall below, which may affect the ranking. So, what are the different ways to protect your website against Google penalties? How to stay away from penalties? Let’s find out.

Points to consider for avoiding Google penalties

A lot of people have this notion that link building with the help of guest posting is an effect marketing strategy in the web world. Well, the effectiveness of this strategy works only when used in the correct way. When you overuse this too, which means you post too may contents in other websites that back link to your website then it may attract some penalty. Your goal should be to create a link profile that looks absolutely natural. So, do not make use of guest post in huge quantities.

When it comes to bank linking, don’t choose just any website. The first thing you need to check is how much relevant the website is, in regard to your business or company’s niche.


For example, if your business is related to ‘kitchen cabinets’, and you choose a website for the guest post that is based on ‘mattresses’ then it is highly irrelevant. In this case, Google may impose some amount of penalty on your website’s ranking. This is known as LDR, or Link Domain Relevancy.

It is a well known fact that ‘anchor text diversification’ really helps in enhancing the effectiveness of your website’s content. When making use of this tool, your aim should be to keep the texts used in this purpose as natural as possible. The anchor text options should look more legit, rather than sounding the same. When you use a similar kind of anchor texts, then it may also invite penalty. So, stay away from this mistake.

When you sell something through your website, the whole thing must look quite legit. Even your customers should get a legit kind of feel, which they usually get when purchasing branded products. So, by building brand signals, you can stay away from penalties. For this purpose, you can follow ideas like legit looking site, branded searches, social media presence, etc.

Spamming is something that is considered really bad from the viewpoint of SEO. So, if you do not want to attract a Google penalty, then make sure to stay away from spamming social signals. When using social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, you should not make use of any kind of illegal services, such as buy fake number of likes, buy fake followers, etc. Such things can really bring down the ranking of your website.

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