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People like talking about different ways through which the search engines define their rankings. But it’s always advisable to keep distance from experimenting with the edge of the algorithm or any other practices which are manipulative due to the risk factor attached to them. But, the search engines still have a lot of limitations regarding the things they are capable of doing and the way they interpret things they see.

Thus, it’s prudent for the publishers to first understand the whole landscape and then do the appropriate things for making the job of search engine easier. The SEO Moz rank factors survey comprises of a very good pie chart which shows an estimation of weighing different ranking factors.

However, this concept was reshaped with the Panda update from Google. With the help of this update, Google added notions of content quality and user engagement firmly in the mix.

As it is clear from the model, the broader category of content quality and social engagement now represents a huge 20% piece of Google ranking pie. As already defined, this piece comprises of a wide range of signals of user engagement like the way users interact with your website, some form of evaluation way your metrics compare to your rivals.

What is Google Ranking

Going a step further

It is not possible to compete in the rankings on one particular key phrase until and unless your website offers signals which suggest to search engines that the website is a strong match for the query user has put up.

A couple of years back there used to be a notion about Google bombing where the SEOs used to run a few experiments for making irrelevant page rankings for different search queries through implementing a lot of links to the webpage with the help of the targeted key phrase. The search engines have now resolved this issue.

By far, all this is quite straightforward, but the conception that is being put here is today comes from SEO perspective that the on-page content isn’t a ranking factor. It’s all about assisting in establishing what the search engine queries your webpage may be relevant for.

This might be a subtle mental move, but it’s surely an important one. If you are working with the clients or within the organisation with the people who’ve got a limited understanding of the SEO techniques, you might find yourself in between discussions where they’re not willing to make necessary adjustments for the on-page content as they do not see why they need to make the changes. They might not realise that end result of that is that the pages finally have absolutely no responsibility of ranks for a specific term.

There’s a flip side also of over emphasis. There are a number of people who think that SEO techniques begin and end with on=page SEO.

It’s an important step towards success. You do not get to function without it, but there’s much better work which needs to be done before your victory can be declared. This is link-building and engagement optimisation that makes up a complete 96% of rankings picture.

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