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Did You Know???

9 out of 10 customers use Google when buying goods and services, only 2% of the people will look beyond page 1, 2-9% click on the paid links at the top of Google, few searches company name, meaning, if your website doesn’t achieve page 1 rank for your most valuable 1 keyword, your customer will never found you and your competitors will grab this opportunity and earn profits as well.

So, Where do you stand in a Google List?

Are Customers Finding Your Business?

To be on the top of Google‘s search engine list you need effective and planned  services by experts! Without proper, no online business can flourish effectively.

SEO Mistakes! Are You Making Any?

SEO has undergone many changes since it came into existence and has become much more urbane and sophisticated. Many a number of the new business owners, when try to execute SEO by their own may end up making common SEO mistakes that make their website fall.

Have a look below and check are you making any of the common mistakes that are hindering your chances of ranking your websites

  • Low-Quality Links
  • Stuffing Keywords
  • Not using anchor text
  • Un-Optimised Title Tags
  • Broken links or 404 page
  • No social media exposure
  • Low Quality and Copied Website Content
  • Complex or less user-centred website design
  • Optimising for Highly Competitive Keywords for a newly launched website

Search Engine Optimisation seems easy, but hard to do and the consequence of not doing it right can be pretty terrible. Well, you need to understand that – transnational and sustainable SEO growth does not come in one day. It requires knowledge, vision, time and detailed planning and that’s what, our firm is expertise in.

We utilise our years of knowledge and expertise in SEO to skyrocket you towards success. We follow proper Google guidelines to make sure you get ranking on Google and keep it there.


If you have visited this page, chances are that you are looking for a professional SEO Company Melbourne that will get your website ranking better in Google. Well, hopefully you have found us!

Whether you’ve got an e-commerce website or retail business, you must be found by your customers first before they find your competitor! We understand this. Therefore, we are focused on developing effective organic strategies that help business owners, start-ups and individuals enhance their online presence and meet their targeted potential customers. We provide affordable solutions including SEO/SEM services, Digital Marketing, web development & designing services, to meet the needs and budgets of the clients.

we strive hard to increase website traffic and search engine rankings for your website.

Contact our team of experts now, if you wish to boost relevant traffic to your site or would like to improve your search engine rankings. We are always ready to assist you at the best possible level.

Search Engine Optimisation is the Secret to Online Success

SNM, also known as search engine optimisation or search engine optimiser. It is basically a set of ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ techniques that helps in improving the volume and quality of traffic of website in search engine for targeted keywords. Though, effective internet marketing and paid promotions help a lot, but alone cannot contribute to good Google website traffic and search engine rankings. Hence, need of quality search engine optimisation is required to achieve online success.

At SNM, we follow certain methodologies to perk up the search engine friendliness of your website. Benefits your business can avail once is done –

  • Proper search engine presence, ranking and traffic flow to your website
  • Increased brand awareness and visibility
  • Cost-effective advertising
  • Increased revenues and profits

How we’ll help you to reach the Top Positions on Search Engines?

  • Analysing your website and locating technical problems

Our team of experts will do the complete analysis of website and will determine possible faults and technical problem of your website. A website needs to be technically sound and optimised, so as to make it easy for Google crawlers to visit your pages and index them properly.

  • Carry out an in-depth keyword research

Keyword research is said to be the foundation of any and hence our specialist will carry out in-depth keyword research based in your targeting market and location. We will find out most important and specific term focusing your business and services.

  • Full On-page assessment and optimising the content of your website

We will carry out full on page assessment of all the pages of your website in order to find out what is working and what missed opportunities need to be addressed for website’s growth. We will optimise Meta, tiles tags and so on based on the targeted keyword.

  • Marketing your website content

We not only write the readable, unique and original content for your website but also market it on different platforms in order to boost up presence for your website in the search engine. In this way, we will help you to gain traffic and rankings.

  • Link Building to promote your website on different platforms

We will make a perfect link juice using effective link building solutions to make your business popular on different platforms. When higher value websites link to your business your will website will automatically get promotion and rankings.

  • Reporting

Understanding your results is the key to a successful search engine marketing campaign. And hence, we will send you customised monthly work reporting designed to give you a precise picture and clean picture of where your website ranks against your competitors for set of targeted keywords.


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What We Do

Website Design

We don’t just design websites, but we create highly communicative and eye-catchy interface for your business. Our designers create web pages to impress the audience and turn them into your customers.

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SEO Services

Targeting the potential customers is really easy. All we need to do is hard work and utilization of the right SEO tools. Our professionals are good at both. We help your website get noticed among your target audience.

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Responsive Web Design

It’s high time to take your online business to the mobile users. We can make it happen through our Responsive Design service, which makes your website flexible and accessible through any device. Time to spread your business!

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