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Meta tags are the snippets of the text which describe the content of a page. The Meta tags do not appear on page itself but just in the code of the page. Tags from the blog culture and the Meta tags are almost the same. Very little content descriptors help in telling the search engines what the web page is all about.

The sole difference between the tags which you will see and the tags you can’t notice is the location- the Meta tags exit only in HTML generally at head of the page and thus only visible to the search engines. “Meta” basically stands for the “meta data” which is a type of data which these tags offer- data about data on the page.

Meta tags helpful to SEO

Are Meta tags helpful to SEO?

Yes they are quite helpful but not all and also not all the time. One of the major goals of this page is explaining which meta-tags help in getting the words out and, which ones are passé.

In case you wish to find if a particular page is employing Meta tags or not, you need to just right click on the selected page and then choose “view page source”. New tab would open in Google Chrome. Head or part of the top of the page is where these Meta tags may be found.

meta tags

Knowing your Meta tags

There’re basically 4 major types of the meta-tags which are worth knowing. Some aren’t as useful as once they were. Others are worthy enough of being used regularly and would mostly increase the traffic on your page by letting the search engines and Google know who you’re and what you offer.

The 4 types are:

  1. Meta keywords attribute– A whole series of keywords which you deem relevant to page
  2. Title tags– it is the text which you would notice right at top of the browser. The search engines would view this text as “Title” of the page
  3. Meta description attributes– A very brief description of your page
  4. Meta robots attribute– An indication towards the search-engine crawlers

Meta keywords Attributes

Meta keywords are basically an example of the Meta tags which does not make any sense to be used now days. Several years ago, Meta keywords tags used to be beneficial but not now.

Several years ago, the marketers eager for the page-views used to insert the keywords completely unrelated to the pages into their codes for pirating the traffic from more famous pages those who actually were about Jennifer Lopez. This used to be called “Stuffing of keywords”. Eventually Google got wise towards this and chose to devalue the device. Now days Google does not employ Meta keywords in its algorithms of ranking as they are quite easy to be abused.

So these are some of the ways in which the Meta tags play an important role in making a website SEO friendly.

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