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It takes some time to get the links from some legitimate link-building campaign. Each and every step takes some time on the basis of the company you are working for as well as the resources you have.


1.      Finding the resources- 1 to 3 months

The simplest route while you begin hiring agencies as they would be prepared with a full-fledged team of professional and experienced link-builders and would recommend their own tried and tested strategies. Watching the businesses scope out the distilled, the process of decision making takes approximately 1 to 3 months. It may take more time for large companies which have a lot of bureaucrats or in case you are trying to obtain a good deal. Once you have picked up your companion, you would generally have to wait for some weeks to begin formally.

  1. Hiring an in house link builder- 1 to 2 months

If it is easy for you to employ a person rather than agency, or if you believe that this would be the best long term strategy, you might have employed someone. The best person here would be someone with experience in link-building, customer services and/or professional bloggers who’ve successfully built their communities.

  1. Working with the PR- almost immediate

You may also work with the PR team for starting the work of optimisation of their media hits to be including the good links. The success of the strategy would vary on the basis of whether you would be going for a general domain authority link building(where all the home page links they are getting would help you)- or if trying to create Page authority to particular landing pages, where they would probably have a difficult time in helping you.

  1. Coming up with strategy for link building- 2 weeks–1 month

Once you have got the link builders for working, you will have to give reasons as to why people should link with you.

  1. Executing- 2 weeks–1 month

Once your strategies are in place, you will have to mail each and every prospect possibly since they take time to respond, post wrong link, etc. You might get a couple of immediate wins, but you need to keep in mind that you are ultimately not paying anything to them. Thus, you would be at the last position on their priority-list.

Kicking-off a link-building campaign

  • 1 to 4 months- you need to look for a link building firm
  • 1 month: you need to find an in house link builder
  • 1 month:you need to come up with a list of top link-building strategies
  • 1 to 3 months:you need to prospect for the potential websites to target, and bring together content which you will have to entice the links
  • 2 weeks to 1 month:it would take some time to write all emails which you will have to write and respond to feedbacks you receive
  • 5 to 10 weeks:you need to wait for the links to show some effect! Just tell your team to be patient for at least ten weeks (even though the effects would grow far beyond that)
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