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We’re continuously trying to resolve the current mystery regarding the future of the searches on the search engines. Some of the people are of the opinion that guest blogging is nearing its end, while others say that social media has become the bigger part of the pie now.

Sadly, there’s not even a single solution which would get you’re the output that you may be looking for. This is why search engine optimisations is evolving and becoming a lot more than just link-building and on the page optimisation.

However, there’s one strategy which is quite effective and which would help you in boosting the rankings of your website on the search engines. It will also help you in improving your presence online as compared to other businesses. It is known as content marketing.


As the algorithms of the search engine become better for identifying as well as ranking the right content, an opportunity for the firms which engage in content marketing becomes greater.

Below are some important statistics regarding content marketing which cannot be ignored at all.

  • The companies which have blogs receive 97% more number of leads than the ones which do not have blogs for their business
  • Half of the consumers say that content marketing has a positive impact on their decisions of purchase
  • The websites which have blogs associated with them have got 434% more indexed pages on an average than the ones which do not have it
  • The long tail searches have gone up by almost 68% since the year 2004

It is quite a simple theory, content is like the food for the search which the search engines depend on. Thus, you need to provide recent, frequent and relevant food too them. With time, your website would build authority with the search engines, drive significant traffic which would be useful for your website and would also rank better.

In case you do not have sufficient time for following the advice people give, then there are 2 main stats which would be worth and helpful for you:

  1. The web pages which rank on the page one of the search engines especially Google have 2032- 2494 words typically. By ensuring that your web-pages are full of detailed content which the users may find useful, you would be more likely to get a higher ranking.
  2. The companies which have blogs receive 97% more traffic typically as compared to the firms which do not have blogs. The main and the biggest reasons for this is that the sites which are rich in content often get more back-links as well as social traffic that helps them in generating more amount of traffic overall.

So, if you are looking to improve the ranking of your webpage on the search engines you need to consider these stats.

Content marketing is the best way of improving the ranking of your website on the search engines.

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